How to Change the Default Web Browser in Windows 11 PC – Guide

Microsoft really wants you to use the Edge browser so much that it makes changing the default browser in Windows 11 a little more difficult than in Windows 10. Instead of letting you just change something called “default browser” in the settings menu, Now you need to optimize the file associations for specific link types such as .html files, .htm files, http and https. Furthermore, we found that when we clicked on the button to make it our default browser, the Chrome browser cannot change these settings for you, instead it takes us to the appropriate menu to do this on our own. Interestingly, Firefox can perform the same task. But perhaps the worst thing is that even if you change the settings correctly, Microsoft will open the Edge browser when you click on links that appear in the Windows 11 search function or widget panel. Let’s try Firefox first. With version 91, Mozilla has improved and simplified the way you can make it the default on Windows. Open Firefox and make sure you are using version 91 or later. To check this, click the hamburger icon in the top right, select Help, then About Firefox. The browser will tell you that it is up updated or download the latest update.

Setting Your Default Browser in Windows 11

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