How To Change The Name Of an iPhone – Guide

Believe it or not, your iPhone has a name. Yes, you can affectionately call him your “little parakeet,” but he has an official, detectable name that lights up. up like a billboard and is seen by all networks and all devices. To protect his privacy, you may want to give him a secret identity. Changing your iPhone’s visible name is not only a good idea for security and privacy reasons, but it’s also fun if you’re tired of the boring name. In this article, you will learn how to change your iPhone’s name and where it is likely to be visible to others. Your iPhone name may seem private, but it can be exposed in some situations. For example, if you connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth device such as a car stereo, your phone’s name may show up on the screen. Your phonename can also show up during AirDrop, iCloud backups, and when you connect to a computer. have you ever imagined how to change your iPhone’s current name? Is the current name so generic that it’s hard to tell it apart from another iPhone? Or maybe you just wish you had a name with a little more style? Maybe you gave your iPhone an inappropriate name and now you want to rename it, for example “The Thor’s iPhone 12”. But there are several reasons why you might want to change the name you gave your phone during setup. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to rename your iPhone. In this article, we’ll show you how to change your iPhone’s name.

How to change the name of an iPhone

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