How to Change Wallpapers in Dark/Light Mode on Android – Guide

one of the best news features Android’s automatic chiaroscuro mode, also known as day and night mode. What if you could change your wallpaper accordingly? It is possible, and we will show you how. Android 10 dark theme is a handy way to turn most apps on your device from a blinding white to a darker gray. Beyond that, however, there are no other features. There is now an app that lets you change your wallpaper based on Android 10 dark theme. Dark mode is one of the most popular features of modern applications and system user interfaces today. By enabling dark mode, you can switch from the normal white backgrounds of apps and system interfaces to a darker theme. Your system may also switch between the two modes automatically on a schedule. However, switching between light and dark modes does not affect the background image. You will always see the same background image, no matter which mode is on. This small but important problem can be fixed with a small but reliable app – the Dark Light Mode Scheduler. Below you will find instructions on how to change background image in light/dark mode on android.

How to change wallpapers in dark/light mode on android

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