How to Change Windows 11 Lock Screen Background – Guide

Like previous versions of Windows, Windows 11 contains a lock screen. The lock screen in Windows 11 is similar to the one in Windows 10, so you can customize it with a custom wallpaper, Spotlight photos, and a photo slideshow. The lock screen wallpaper and login screen wallpaper are identical, so if you change the lock screen wallpaper, the login screen wallpaper will also change.

Change lock screen wallpaper – Windows 11

To change the lock screen wallpaper in Windows 11, follow these steps. Note: You will see a preview of the new wallpaper on the lock screen. If you select Windows Spotlight, you will receive a new image every day.

Remove wallpaper from login screen

The login screen and the lock screen use the same wallpaper, but you can disable it from the login screen.

Lock screen notifications

You can even show app notifications on the lock screen.

Final note

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