Therefore, if a person has 25 bank accounts spread across several banks, it is simple to view all of the accounts using the person’s BVN. After approaching his bank during one of his routine visits and lamenting his situation, a spot check revealed that the phone number on his BVN and in his bank account were very dissimilar. And to top it all off, his mother’s phone number is listed on his BVN. Segun will now need to change his BVN phone number because his current banking experience with BVN cannot be maintained. We have mentioned steps below to Change Your BVN Phone Number

How to Change Your BVN Phone Number

You must present your BVN number to the bank where you registered for the process in order to update your BVN phone number. The 11-digit BVN number is a special identification code that can access your biodata. To change your phone number at the bank, you will also need to present a valid ID card, typically a passport from another country or an NIMC card. It is pretty clear that some people are experiencing problems with their BVNs. Your BVN mismatch could lead to serious issues for you.

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on how to Change Your BVN Phone Number. Your BVN’s phone number is the number that goes with it. When registering your BVN, this is the number that is entered. Instructions on how to alter your bank verification number phone number online have been requested by a few people. Since the CBN gave every bank the order to do BVN for every Account, this has been one of the biggest issues that some customers typically encounter.

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