How To Check Battery Health In Android Device – Guide

you probably want to know how to check android battery health if you are using the same phone for a year or so. As you charge and discharge a battery, it slowly becomes less effective at maintaining performance over time, which means you’ll need to charge it more often. However, there are a few ways to check your Android smartphone’s battery. The simplest method just tells you what battery power is being used for, although you can force close apps if you wish. Depending on the brand phone you use, you can access more detailed information or by installing special applications. While the text of some of these options may vary, you can use this method to check battery activity on any recent Android device. However, the level of detail depends on who made your phone. In your Settings app phone, select Battery. This option should be easy to find in the top menu, but you can also look for it by scrolling up the page to find the search bar. Over time, you will likely encounter one or another problem with your smartphone’s battery. Since batteries are consumables, their performance degrades over time.

How to check android battery health: in the Settings menu

How to check android battery health using a dial code

android phones have hidden diagnostic menus that you can access by entering strings of numbers, hashes, and asterisks on the dial pad on your Phone application. There are several of them that take you to different menus, but let’s focus on the battery-related one. Just don’t be upset if your phone does not display battery information.

How to check android battery health on a samsung phone

Although the dial code didn’t work, Samsung offers its own battery health check through the Samsung Members app, which is installed by default on your phone. phones.

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