How to Check Compatibility of Your PC For Windows 11 – Guide

Microsoft released Windows 11 on final June, indicating that the upcoming operating system would have stricter hardware requirements than Windows 10, and released a tool called PC Health Check that consumers can use to analyze the upgradeability of their PCs. However, Microsoft withdrew the tool from circulation just four days later, citing issues with the “level of detail or accuracy”. In others words, Microsoft informed many users that their hardware was not compatible with Windows 11, but did not explain why. Microsoft announced more comprehensive minimum system requirements for Windows 11 to compensate for the loss of the PC Health Check tool, but also emphasized that these criteria may change once the company takes into account testers’ feedback in its Windows Insider program. The PC Health Check tool has been available again since August 27th, and there are several third-party solutions that can be used to check if a PC meets or violates the minimum system requirements for Windows 11, which will be released on October 5th. will review the current system requirements and show you how to Use PC Health Assessment software and two other tools to check a PC’s readiness for the Windows 11 upgrade.

How to Check your PC’s compatibility for Windows 11

Windows 11 system requirements

According to Microsoft’s Windows 11 overview page, the following items describe the basic requirements that a PC must meet in order for Windows 11 to install correctly on that machine. Microsoft has currently relaxed these restrictions so that non-compliant PCs can run Windows 11 within the Insider Program. But when the official release comes out later this year, those machines will no longer be able to upgrade to newer versions of Windows 11.

Using Microsoft’s PC Health Check

As I write this story, PC Health Check has been re-released but is currently only available to members of Microsoft’s Windows Insider program. To download PC Health Check, you must be a registered Windows Insider and signed in to the associated Microsoft account. Otherwise, you will get a response from Microsoft Software Download that says “To access this page, you must be a member of the Windows Insider program”. Once that hurdle is overcome, the download is easily accessible as a Microsoft Installer file called WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup.msi. Run this file and the program installs itself.

Two Good Alternative Windows 11 Compatibility Checkers

While more options are available, I’ve found that two third-party tools are extremely helpful in checking a Windows 11 PC’s compatibility in enough detail to make it worthwhile:

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