How to check device driver versions on Windows 10/11 – Guide

While Windows 10 recognizes most out-of-the-box devices, it may sometimes be necessary to install third-party or OEM drivers to use all of the devices. features offered by a device. For example, most printers can be installed without having to install OEM drivers, but when you want to use all the features offered by the printer, you will need OEM drivers. Over time, users install dozens of drivers, including display, Wi-Fi, audio, Bluetooth, and printers. After installing all these drivers, you would like to see all drivers installed on your Windows 10 computer. Until now, getting the list of installed drivers was not an easy task. Fortunately, now you can easily see the list of installed drivers. All you need is the built-in Device Manager. Device Manager in Windows 10 now provides a “view” of drivers called Devices. This view lists all installed drivers. This view can also be used to quickly uninstall or update drivers. In addition to Device Manager, you can also use Command Prompt or a free third-party utility to view all installed drivers.

How to determine driver version using Device Manager

To determine the driver version for a particular hardware with Device Manager, follow these steps: After completing these steps, you will know the current driver version, which can be checked against the version number available on the manufacturer’s support site to determine if Windows 10 is using the latest version. up- current release. In addition to the driver version, under the “Driver” tab you can also find other useful information, such as the date the current driver version was installed and whether the driver was properly signed.

How to determine driver version using PowerShell

If you want to check the driver version for one or more devices, you can also use this PowerShell command:

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