How to Check if Someone Blocked on Instagram – Guide

The block feature on Instagram allows a user to become nearly invisible to another user in the app. If you ban an account, it will be removed from your follower list, you will unfollow them and it will be very difficult for them to find your profile. Your comments, tags and likes are also no longer visible to them. Instagram does not notify you when you are blocked by another user, which makes it difficult to know if you have been blocked or if an account has been disabled/deleted, but we can help you find out. However, we can’t help you find out why you’ve been blocked, that’s up for you. If you think someone has blocked you, first look for the profile in the app. If your profile is visible, you are not blocked. If you don’t see the profile and you’re not sure if the person has deactivated or deleted your account or blocked you, try to find a comment that flags the account. This was the only way to find an account that blocked you from the app. In a comment, if you click on the tag of an account that has blocked you, their profile will appear. You can see the number of posts, but where posts are usually found it says “No posts yet” which is the telltale sign that they are blocked.

How to know if someone blocked you on instagram

First, just look for the account you think has blocked you in the app. On a computer, if you type the link (replacing the word “username” with the Insta identifier, of course) and you get a page that says “Sorry, this page is not available”, then you were probably blocked, assuming they didn’t delete your account. You can check by searching this person’s likes or comments on an Instagram account they follow (if it’s a private account, make sure you both follow each other). If you find any, it means they didn’t delete the account and actually blocked you.

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