How to Check If Your PC Can Run Windows 11 – Guide

Windows 11 hit the market in October and with it came significant compatibility issues. Uncertainty over compatibility has been widespread among PC users since this summer, when Microsoft released its first major update to the Windows operating system in six years. Fortunately, Windows 11 should work with most PCs, according to a company blog post. Although the Windows 11 release date has passed, some compatible devices still won’t receive the update. Microsoft has set a mid-2022 goal before all Windows 10 devices can download and install Windows 11. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s own tool for determining device compatibility – the PC Health Check app – has not been up to snuff when Windows 11 was first announced (there were reports that it didn’t give users enough information about why their devices weren’t compatible), so the company temporarily removed the app. Now, however, Microsoft’s PC Health Check is back online and functional. The app tells you if your computer meets the requirements to run Windows 11. If it doesn’t, the tool tells you why and provides links to further support. However, this is not the only way to verify that your device is compatible with the free Windows 11 update. Read on to learn more about all the options for verifying Windows 11 device compatibility. Now that the release date of Windows 11 has finally passed (but remember it’s a staggered release), it’s a good idea to check your own computer.

How to Make sure your PC can run Windows 11

What you need to run Windows 11

Windows 11 Compatibility Check

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