When someone hacks your iPhone with spyware, they may gain access to all of your most personal information. This includes emails, text and chats messages, browsing history, photos, online account information (passwords and usernames, etc.), and GPS location. In addition, most iOS spyware can even eavesdrop on your phone calls. Essentially, hackers have access to everything stored or transmitted through your iPhone.

Guide: How To Check Your iPhone for Spyware

In the exciting technological world we live in, everything has a screen and one button to push can be hacked, jeopardizing your security and privacy. A grim prospect, but when you consider all the good things that come with the new emergence of technology and social media, you will find that the good things far outweigh the bad with your Apple iPhone as a prime example of the good things. Yes, these are things we can’t live without these days that we’re talking about! Well, you could go without and maybe switch back to a flip phone. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the dark side of Steve’s Job’s greatest invention, the iPhone, and the ubiquitous and incredibly annoying spyware that plagues these smartphones. But first I would like to say, “Thanks for all the gadgets, Steve!”

Types of iPhone spyware

To begin with, before we proceed to explain the symptoms of spyware infection, let’s take a closer look at the types of these dirty online-bound attacks. Typically, spyware takes one or more of the following three forms:

1. Masque attack

Perhaps the sneakiest of the three types of spyware, a mask attack is a form of spyware infiltration through a well-known and trusted application. Let’s say you use your weather forecast app every day to see if you need to bring an umbrella to work or perhaps evacuate the city during hurricane season. A spyware masque attack could look something like this: It’s really as simple as that to get your iPhone ‘masque-attacked’ so make sure to check the name of the updated manufacturer before installing it. If the name sounds dodgy or spammy, chances are it’s a trap thrown by someone who is up until not good! Stay alert while installing and updating something on your iPhone!

2. iCloud backup attack

Notoriously difficult to detect, iCloud spyware attacks work like this: The hackers find out your iCloud credentials (password and email) using specialized spy software. Once in, they can access your private information such as text messages, call logs, and other sensitive stuff. If you think you’ve been a victim of any of these attacks, try changing your password to shake them off your path. In case this is not the case trick, Contact iCloud Support and Report a Potential Infection!

3. Espionage app contamination

When it comes to installing new apps on iPhones, the Apple folks have a pretty strict system of checks and balances that prevents unverified apps from being available in the app store. That’s why you may have done one of these two things to get infected with a spy app: If you suspect that any of these scenarios are plausible in your case, you can try installing anti-spyware software such as Certo and up the unwanted app.

The general symptoms of a spyware attack

Given the sneaky nature of spyware attacks, it can sometimes be difficult to register the existence of a spy app on your device. Indeed the symptoms can be numerous, but if you keep an eye on your iPhone’s health condition, you may be able to tell that something is up if you notice any of the following ‘erratic behaviors’: All in all, no device is immune from an occasional spyware attack, although the good folks at Apple do their best to prevent these kinds of attacks. If you suspect that there is a spyware situation on your iPhone, don’t worry as there are steps you can take to fix the problem and start using your iPhone normally again. We hope you found this article helpful and keep you safe with your iPhone businesses!

How To Check Your iPhone for Spyware: benefits

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