How To Check out whom you’re Talking to the most on WhatsApp – Guide

WhatsApp has one of the most active users every month. Many of you use WhatsApp every day to send text messages to your friends and family. Although there are many WhatsApp tips and tricks we share, here’s an insider tip for those looking for the people they talk to the most. As you use WhatsApp every day, you have collected many messages with texts, photos, videos, music and other media. WhatsApp records this data so you can find out how much you used it on WhatsApp. Ranking users and groups is based on data usage from chats, sharing photos and videos, so you can also keep an eye on your data usage. You might also be worried about who you talk to the most or you might just want to know who your favorite person on WhatsApp is since you chat with them often. WhatsApp has great built-in features like a feature which shows how much text you’ve collected in total, as well as media files like photos and videos, GIFs, audio messages, documents, stickers, and more. With this data, you can find the people you’ve talked to the most.

How to find out who you talk to the most on WhatsApp

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