A PC health check may conduct a number of tests using the correct equipment to find any issues that might be causing a computer to run slowly. Computer health checks like this one will look at the most typical fixes as PCs might change over time for a variety of reasons. Online, there are several PC health tests accessible. We have mentioned ways below to Check PC Health.

3 Ways to Check PC Health

Using the PC Health Check app

The PC Health Check software was unveiled by Microsoft along with the release of Windows 11. It is automatically installed through updates. If not, Microsoft offers a download. It was created to determine whether or not your Windows 10 computer can run Windows 11. It offers information on the condition of your PC in addition to the compatibility check. Run PC Health Checkup if it is already installed by searching for it in the Start menu.

Using Windows Security

The storage capacity section of the health report displays the availability of disc space for crucial operations including Windows updates, battery life, apps and software, and Windows Time service.

Using SleepStudy tool

The SleepStudy tool offers basic knowledge about the factors that contribute to the events that take place during a typical standby session today. The name and manufacturer of the system battery, together with the setup information, are provided at the end of each SleepStudy report.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Check PC Health. Running various reports, such as those produced by Windows Security and Performance Monitor, is the best approach to ascertain the condition of your machine. Here’s how to do a thorough PC health check, then utilize the results to see how your hardware is working and get some advice and remedies for any particular problems that might need to be fixed.

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