Cleaning up after your computer is a vital practice. Your computer, especially your monitor, accumulates dust and dirt over time, as well as catching infections from coughing and sneezing. Even if fingerprints are bad enough, a dirty monitor causes more eye strain. Also, cleaning the screen requires a little more effort than a simple cleaning and you should avoid using specific products. Depending on the environment and usage patterns, a computer monitor needs to be cleaned regularly. Clean it more often if your workspace is very dusty, you touch or pick it up often up the screen while moving it, or you are careless when eating and drinking near the monitor. Most users can maintain their monitors at their best with a quick weekly cleaning. We have mentioned below the steps to clean a PC monitor.

Steps to Clean a PC Monitor

Step 1: Turn off and unplug the monitor or laptop. It’s easier to see dust and dirt when the monitor is off and safer for you and your computer. Step 2: Gently wipe away dust and debris with a dry microfiber cloth. This type of anti-static cloth is soft enough not to scratch the surface. If you have an eyeglass cleaning cloth, it is made of microfiber and is perfect for cleaning your screen. Step 3: Moisten the microfiber cloth with (preferably) distilled water. Use enough distilled water to dampen the cloth without making it soggy. Regular tap water can leave mineral deposits on the screen, but if you’re in trouble, you can use filtered or deionized water in place of distilled water. While dirt, dust, and fingerprint smudges won’t permanently damage your monitor, they can cause you to get distracted when trying to take a Tracer headshot in Overwatch. It’s time to clean your monitor because, let’s face it, it’s filthy. You are correct if you believe that cleaning your monitor is simple. However, there is a slightly more complicated procedure than simply wiping it down with a corner of a t-shirt or, even worse, with a paper towel. We hope that our article on “How to cleaning a PC monitor” will certainly help you to do that.

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