How to Clean Up Computer to Make it Run Faster – Guide

some of our tips and guides deal with important areas of your system. Before trying any of the suggestions below, check back up your system to an external storage device or cloud service. if you can’t go back up your device, at least create a system restore point. Open File Explorer, right-click This PC and select Properties. In the new window, scroll down and in the respective settings sections click on System protection and Create a restore point. If something goes wrong, you can come back here and undo all settings.

How to To clean Up Computer to make it faster

We have gathered 3 methods below for you to clean up your computer slow. You may not need to try them all; just work your way down until you find what works for you.

Run a disk cleanup

To clean up your computer is slow, you can run a disk cleanup. Disk Cleanup is a built-in Windows utility that allows you to clean up temporary files, trash files, system files, etc. You can refer to these steps to perform a disk cleanup:

Uninstall unwanted apps

Applications can take up hard disk storage space. You may have installed some apps but never used them. For these apps you can delete them for free up the space. You can refer to these steps to uninstall an app:

Defrag your hard drive

Not all files are written to the hard drive as a whole. They can be divided into lots of small fragments. This can happen when some hard drive locations are not big enough to hold a single entire file. For these files, it will take longer for the drive head to read them. This can cause your computer to slow down. So the last method you can try is to defrag your hard drive. Defragmentation is another type of cleanup. It is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in the file system. It gathers all the split data from the file so that the drive head can read the data quickly. it can speed up up your computer. Here it is how to defrag your hard drive:

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