Guide: How to Clear Brows­er Cache Instant­ly on Chrome

Each browser has a cache that temporarily stores files on your computer from the website you are visiting to make the browsing experience faster and seamless. The cache contains HTML files, Java scripts, CSS stylesheets and multimedia content such as images and icons of a website. Each time you revisit the website cached by the browser, only the updated files are reloaded while the cached files are displayed as they were saved. This not only increases the site loading speed, but also saves some bandwidth – both for the user and for the server – and is a useful tool especially when your internet is slow. Also read: 4 versions of Google Chrome and how they differ. Browser cache can sometimes lead to problems on a website. You must have seen suggestions such as ‘try to clear your browser cache’ or ‘delete your cookies’ in case a site is having trouble loading. This is usually caused when the site has been updated since it was last cached by your browser, but the browser tries to provide you with cached files – resulting in a partially loaded or broken website. Clearing your browser cache every now and then is a good idea, both to free up space in your storage and to get rid of your privacy concerns. There is a traditional method of clearing the cache through your Google Chrome browser’s settings, but here we will discuss hidden ways to do the same without affecting your current tabs and workflow.

The hidden cache Feature

There are three hidden switches in Chrome reload button which can be accessed once the Chrome Dev tools are activated by pressing F12. Once you see the dev tools screen on the right, right click on reload button, and the drop-down menu will show you three options – two of which are useful in our case.

Reload normally

This works the same as reloading button does when Dev tools are not activated. Press Normal reload button will cause the browser to reload the page using the cached data. The browser also checks for updated files on the server and retrieves them if available.

Difficult to reload

Hard reload causes the browser to bypass the cached files and redownload all the files for the web page. However, this may not always affect the previously cached data. For example the elements that start to load after the website has been loaded, such as Javascript. Hard Reload can also be performed via a keyboard shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + R.

Empty and reload cache

To wipe the cache and reload the website with all the updated files available on the server, this is the best option. It gives you a completely new web page while the browser caches the files for the website again. Also read: How to Recover Chrome tabs in the absence of a fix Button This method does not affect websites on the other tabs and only applies to the website on your active Google Chrome tab.

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