How to Clear Cache on the iPad – Guide

How to clear cache and cookies on iPad

At this point, you will surely have some good reasons to clear your cache and cookies. We can mention several of them, such as privacy, general system cleaning, etc.

In Safari browser

After completing the steps above, your current Safari cookies will be completely removed. Of course, they will continue to accumulate in the future. To avoid this, you must Block all cookies. But it is important to be aware that this can negatively affect some web pages.

In Chrome browser

As with Safari, these cookies will be deleted again in the future. You will need to erase them periodically.

In Firefox browser

Although few people choose it, you can also clear cache, history and cookies in Firefox.

How to clear an app cache on iPad

While browser cache and cookies ensure speed, the amount of data accumulated by apps is much higher when it comes to the capabilities of devices like the iPad. So clearing the app cache not only creates space on your iPad, it can also fix the annoying bugs, errors, and glitches that certain apps face when trying to run them. Anyway, this is the tutorial to clear cache of an app on iPad:

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