How to clear Chrome browsing history on Android – Guide

Google has been in the data security news arena quite often – and not always in a good way. People are learning to be careful with how data is used by Google, from sharing its products to sharing customer data and collecting personal information from people using Google apps. Even if you don’t have an Android phone, you probably use three or four Google services every day, so the company knows a lot about you. Your Collected Information may include your daily commute and shopping habits, even if you used the Service offline. This privacy database does not mean that Google is trying to track you personally, as the information is stored anonymously but is linked to you. The process allows advertisers to better understand demographics and determine their interests to better target ads. There are several options. You can choose to clear your history from the last hour, day, week or month. Additionally, you can also choose to delete just a few parts of your browsing history instead of everything in a time frame.

How to clear chrome browsing history on android

Steps you can take to clear your Chrome browsing history.

How to delete an item from history

Follow the steps below to delete an item from your history

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