How to Clear Cookies and Site Data on Android – Guide

While cookies ensure that previously visited websites load faster, they often also send stored personal data such as your email address or phone number, for third-party advertisers. Advertisers may send promotional emails and/or call you on your mobile phone number to get you to buy your products. However, you may not know what these cookies are for, why they are a privacy issue, or how to get rid of them. Since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws came into force, websites must ask for permission before storing cookies, and there are steps you can take to delete them. However, some cookies also have benefits, and the internet can look very different without them, so getting rid of them all might not be the best solution. Cookies are set automatically and are used to keep you logged in, store your website settings and deliver locally relevant content. So keep in mind that removing cookies may cause you to forget your passwords and delete your saved settings. Cookies are small text files that some websites place on your computer so they can remember you the next time you visit. The files contain information about you, including your name, location, and preferences. Cookies work in exactly the same way on the desktop and mobile and they are easy to remove. Once you’ve deleted your cookies and website data, you can try reloading the website to see if it loads properly. Keep in mind that after deleting cookies and website data, websites you regularly visit load slower the first time, but this should improve on subsequent visits.

How to Clear Cookies and Website Data on Android

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