How to Clear Microsoft Teams Cache on Mac and Windows PC – Guide

The folder you deleted removes everything cached by Microsoft Teams on your Windows 10 PC. Clearing the cache will not remove the Microsoft Teams app from your PC; How to uninstall Microsoft Teams completely. Your new Microsoft Teams cache directory will be automatically restored using your organization’s Microsoft 365 cloud account. Your previously saved Microsoft Teams settings will be completely erased. Clearing the cache will remove the following Microsoft Teams items from your Windows 10 PC; the web client cache, icons, thumbnails, local message history, your Microsoft Teams display images, and any other Microsoft Teams add-ons. You may need to sign in to Teams again after restarting the app, but you should be able to use Microsoft Teams without any issues. This method works similarly on a Mac, excluding the following directory; ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams. On Windows 10, this cache clearing method is especially useful if you’re having trouble signing in to Microsoft Teams if you have multiple accounts, or if you’re trying to remove old Microsoft Teams account information.

Clear Microsoft Teams Cache on Windows

Clear Microsoft Teams Cache on Mac

As for Mac users, follow the steps below to clear Microsoft Teams cache and fix persistent errors and issues with the team collaboration app.

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