It does contribute to faster performance and storage clearing. You don’t mean to delete your stored videos and draughts when you “clean cache” on TikTok—only insignificant data. The videos you’ve watched are remembered by Tiktok cache. The cache number increases each time you watch a video until you clear it. The number starts to rise after you use the app again after clearing it. Imagine watching a video on your phone while simultaneously keeping the same video in the back of your mind. We have mentioned steps below to Clear TikTok Cache

Steps to Clear TikTok Cache



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We hope like our article on How to Clear TikTok Cache . Rumors mentioned a “Hidden Views Counter,” which was allegedly a hidden feature on TikTok. By explicitly Googling “how many TikToks have we watched” on the app, users might find it. This rumour was refuted, though. Instead, it turned out that the information users were viewing was simply the TikTok app cache and not their actual TikTok watch history count.

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