To obtain important things and become more powerful in this harsh environment, players will need to accomplish various Contracts and World Activities, sometimes known as side missions. Contracts in DMZ are timed objectives, similar to those in Warzone 2’s Battle Royale mode. Accepting them in-game allows players to compete for awards and Cash. While the icons on the Tac Map are similar to those in Battle Royale, the objectives in DMZ are different. We have mentioned  below to Complete Warzone 2 Contracts

How to Complete Warzone 2 Contracts


Accepting this contract places three nearby safes on your map that you must crack. Go to each one’s site, activate it to plant C4, then back off and wait for it to blow. These safes also hold guns, equipment, and additional cash, making it a very profitable deal to attempt. The only downside is that the safes are a little far apart, so you might want to split the squad and seize one safe apiece.


When you activate this contract, a bounty will be placed on a random enemy player and their approximate location will be marked on the map. All you have to do is kill them to get the money—really it’s that simple.

Most Wanted

This contract effectively places a reward on the person who triggers it, and in order to get the money, you must keep them alive for three minutes. This one is much easier to complete later in the game when there are fewer players around, or if you have a vehicle so you can stay mobile.


The most basic contract in Battle Royale mode. After activating this one, all you have to do is find a laptop, extract some data, and then send the hard drive to a specific place. If your team isn’t doing anything else, it’s a rather simple task to perform without requiring anything too complicated or exposing.

Final Words

We hope like our article on how to Complete Warzone 2 Contracts. Contracts for Warzone 2 bring an intriguing aspect to Call of Duty’s battle royal offering. They’re a vital region of the game to learn, with several objectives to fulfil and a wide selection of rewards that can swing the flow of a match in your favor. They appear as small green rectangles on the Tac Map and function similarly to contracts from the earlier generation of Warzone, taking only a few minutes to fulfil.

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