How To Compress Photos Without Losing Quality on Android – Guide

When you take new photos with a digital camera or smartphone, a lot of space is consumed on the memory card or the smartphone’s internal memory. Normally, a photo taken with a regular smartphone can be up to 4 MB (megapixels). Can you imagine the size of a photo taken with a digital camera with a sensor of 18 megapixels or more, like 50 megapixels? If you store a lot of large images on your smartphone or computer, it will take up lots of storage space on your device. This can be a big problem if you try to create a backup version of your device on online cloud services. You will need a lot of storage space to store your backup files on these services, which will cost up to $15 a month. Dropbox and OneDrive, for example, charge $9.99 a month for 1 TB of online storage. If that’s not an issue, you can upgrade your cloud account to have more storage space. There is also another good solution that allows you to store your images in a smaller size but still with the same quality. The method is to use desktop software, mobile apps or online tools to resize your images without losing quality. By compressing the size of images, you can save a lot of storage space on your device and upload files to the cloud online faster.

How to compress images on Android without losing quality

How to reduce photo size on android

Compress images using Lit Photo app

Reduce the size of images using the online tool

If you don’t want to install any third party apps on your Android phone or you just want to compress just a few images, then you can use an online tool for this task. Shrink images is one of the most popular online image compression tools. All you need to do is go to the Shrink Images website and upload the photo whose size you want to reduce. You will be prompted to change the default resize and compress settings. Finally, tap on the Resize button button and then download the compressed image.

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