How to Connect a Mouse and Keyboard to Your Xbox – Guide

The idea of ​​connecting a keyboard and mouse to Xbox One might seem bizarre to some, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Entering text would be much easier, as would navigating the interface and menus. Despite the Xbox One being essentially a Windows computer, keyboard and mouse support was slow. That said, it is available through a few different methods. Both wired and wireless USB devices are compatible with Xbox One. Xbox One owners can start using a USB keyboard and mouse by simply plugging them into an available USB port on the console. Xbox One automatically recognizes devices and can be used immediately. Unfortunately, third-party Bluetooth keyboards and mice cannot be used with Xbox One. Sometimes the console does not recognize your mouse or keyboard. A restart usually resolves this issue. However, it could also be that the keyboard and mouse are not compatible.

Which Xbox models support mouse and keyboard?

Newer Xboxes (from 2013 onwards) come in a few models, but all are compatible with USB mice and keyboards. Compatible models are: All these consoles naively support a mouse and keyboard. However, only wired mice and keyboards were supported originally.

Using a USB Mouse and Keyboard with an Xbox

If you don’t like using your controller, you can always connect a mouse and keyboard to your Xbox. Xbox will instantly detect both as soon as you plug them into the USB ports. We recommend gaming keyboards and mice as they tend to deliver better performance than standard devices. Also, gaming hardware is generally more durable.

Below are the instructions:

It’s so simple. However, some mice and keyboards take a while to be detected and others do not work. In the first case, you can try to re-enter them or switch ports. If a keyboard or mouse doesn’t work even after repeated attempts, it’s probably not supported or too old for the console. You will have to try other options. Of course, this is all assuming your USB ports are fully functional.

Using a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard with an Xbox

If you prefer to use wireless hardware, especially on the Xbox Series X/S, then you’ll be happy to know that these two consoles support most products out there. You can connect a Razor Turret or any other wireless mouse and keyboard to the console, and it should work fine. These are the steps:

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