How to Connect Google Maps with Apple Music on iOS – Guide

Google Maps released a new Commute tab earlier this month, along with built-in music controls for some popular providers. Here it is how to integrate Apple Music and Spotify with Google Maps. On Android and iOS, Google Maps now supports native music controls for some popular services. These include Google Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music. This is not enabled by default, however. Fortunately, it’s easy to activate. Here it is how to add Apple Music to Google Maps and the process remains the same for other options. We’ve detailed the process below for Android and iOS.

1. Open Google Maps

First you will need to open up Google Maps in your phone. You should also ensure that you are running the latest version of the app on whatever platform you are trying to add music controls to. On Android, you can check for updates via the Google Play Store and on iOS, via the App Store.

2. Access map settings

Once Google Maps is open, you will want to access the settings menu. On Android, you’ll do this by swiping in the menu on the left side of the screen and tapping on “settings” at the bottom of that list. On iOS, you’ll swipe in the same menu, but instead press the gear icon at the top of the menu.

3. Access navigation settings

To add Spotify to Google Maps, you will need to visit the Navigation Settings in the Maps app. On Android, you’ll do this by scrolling to the bottom of the settings menu and looking for the “Navigation Settings” section. On iOS, you have to tap on the “Browsing” option, which should be at the top of the list.

4. Enable ‘Show media playback controls’

One of the last steps here is actually activating the media playback controls. By default, this option will likely be off. Once activated though, the app should ask which service you would like to use as your default service. On any platform, you will need to have the Spotify app installed and updated to add Spotify to Google Maps.

5. Select your default media app

On Android, enabling controls automatically pulls up a list of available services to choose from. On iOS, tapping the “Music Playback Controls” option pulls up a list of compatible apps, including Apple Music, and gives you the option to set up and choose a pattern. Depending on the service selected, you may need to authorize Maps to control this account.

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