How to Connect to McDonald’s WiFi – Guide

If you love the new McCafé, you’ll be happy to know that McDonald’s offers free Wi-Fi in most locations. In fact, participating locations have faster WiFi than most public WiFi services. With 58Mbps download speeds and 14Mbps upload speeds, you can stream movies while enjoying a Big Mac. This makes it a great choice for people who surf the web and need to do a little work while getting something out of the Golden Arches. Since 2010, McDonald’s has offered free, unlimited Wi-Fi in more than 11,500 of its 14,000 stores. No purchases or special credentials are required for WiFi access. With McDonald’s Restaurant Locator, you can find WiFi hotspots by city, state or zip code. If you click Filter, you can see if a branch offers WiFi service. McDonald’s has been offering WiFi to its customers for many years. Up until 2011, using a McDonald’s Wi-Fi connection cost $2.95 for a few hours of internet access. Connecting to McDonald’s free WiFi service is quick and easy. Whether you’re connecting from your cell phone or laptop, all you have to do is search for McDonald’s free WiFi, open your browser and click or tap the connect button. button .

How to Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi

Connect McDonald’s WiFi using Laptop

Free WiFi is available at most McDonald’s restaurants. Follow these simple steps to connect your laptop for WiFi:

Connect McDonald’s WiFi using IOS

Using McDonald’s Free WiFi is as simple as following these steps:

Connect McDonald’s WiFi Using Android

To use McDonald’s wifi using Android, follow the steps below.

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