How to Connect your AirPods with your Windows 11 PC – Guide

AirPods are Apple’s wireless stereo headphones. They quickly connect to a Macbook or iPhone and offer features within the Apple ecosystem. However, many people are confused by how to pair AirPods with Windows 11. You can easily connect your AirPods to your Windows 11 PC if you have them. While AirPods or Airpods Pro can be connected to Windows 11 via Bluetooth, their usefulness is limited compared to the Apple ecosystem. Since their debut in 2016, Apple Airpods have set the de facto standard for True Wireless Earbuds. Unlike many others from Apple features and accessories, Airpods are compatible with Windows and Android smartphones. The correct answer is no, but can you make them work? Yea! Airpods are essentially wireless Bluetooth headphones, and Windows recognizes them just like that. Depending on how you look at it, this can be either an annoyance or a huge plus. You get all the basic functionality of a regular pair of headphones, but that’s about it. You’re out of luck if you want your Airpods to be fully compatible with Windows so you can control playback, enable Cortana, and get the best quality audio input and output possible. There are several workarounds for these difficulties, which you can find in the following article when setting up AirPods. Here are the steps to connect and pair Apple AirPods with a Windows 11 PC.

How to Connect your AirPods to your Windows 11 PC

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