After that you can restart it and ideally finish some work. It is crucial to know at least one technique to force close Mac programs. This information will come in handy if your Mac unexpectedly freezes or your apps start to run slowly. Typically, forcing an application to close will “unfreeze” your computer. However, there are several forced termination techniques that make it impossible for you to save changes to your applications before closing them. Imagine losing the hours of work you’ve put into your design software or text editor. Terrible! Because of this, we advise you to install QuitAll immediately, which is the safest forced shutdown option. Once you’ve saved the settings, it’s a simple menu bar utility that lets you terminate all currently running processes. We have mentioned below the steps to control Alt Delete on Mac.

Steps to Control Alt Delete on Mac

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to Alt Delete control on Mac. If you need to force close the browser only use it as a last resort as sometimes autosave feature will save you. You can also choose to reopen web pages if you need to close your browser. The Control+Alt+Delete shortcut, also known as the “three-finger salute”, is a well-known tool for PC users, but Mac users have a similar method to regain control over their machine. Here are the three methods to force shutdown Mac.

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