How to control Android phone with just eyes – Guide

Well, I will Just when we thought we had discovered everything there was to know about Google’s near-ready prime-time Android 12 update, a new futuristic feature entered the mix. They took. As seen over the weekend, the latest beta of Android 12 includes a cool new feature that literally lets you control your phone with your eyes. For example, a glance to the left can replace the typical system-level back gesture. A glance up can reveal your notifications. And a flurry of eyebrows can take you back to your home screen (as well as making anyone around you think you’re the weirdest person in the world). This is seriously wild stuff, and it works almost shockingly. However, the most shocking fact may be that Google has not even mentioned the presence of this possibility in any public forums. Showed up silently without any real fanfare, announcement, or like a little surrogate monkey beating cymbals to alert us. However, if you are using the latest Android 12 beta, you can try this system right now. And if you don’t, don’t let yourself get too dizzy. O feature will probably reach your phone as soon as Android 12 software is officially released and ready to go – a sign that should happen any week and certainly next month.

How to control android phone only with eyes

Once you have the app, you can start configuring it. up facial gestures. See how:

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