How to control Apple Watch volume – Guide

When you pair your Apple Watch with a new iPhone, the clock’s noises, as well as Siri’s, may change. up for maximum volume. Here it is how to make them stop talking. It’s great that the Apple Watch can emit audible alarms and that Siri can respond to you in a bright and clear way. However, if you’ve recently updated your iPhone and Apple Watch, you may find that everything is a little noisy. This is particularly true for Siri, which virtually screams out statements like “Ready” and “I’ve set your alarm”. You can turn the volume down, but you must do it in two places for some reason.

How to turn down the Apple Watch volume to everything but Siri

If you turn the digital crown, it rolls instead up and down on this Sounds & Touchscreen, you haven’t touched the volume indicator. To make sure you don’t accidentally adjust the volume, you can tap the Sounds & Touch button button in the top left corner to go back. Or you can just press the Digital Crown. In any case, you’ve just changed the volume of absolutely everything except Siri.

How to turn down the volume on Siri on the Apple Watch

Again, exit this before accidentally undoing the volume change by turning the digital crown.

Adjusting Siri and alert volumes

It’s a big surprise how high Siri can be on an Apple Watch, especially when you haven’t chosen to set it that high. It’s not surprising, although a very tall Siri might be the last thing you need. Before entering a church or hospital, say, you can follow these steps to change the volume. But you can do that too. slide up at the bottom of the watch face and tap the bell symbol. The symbol passes through a line and its black background turns red. This is silent mode, except it is not silent. It disables virtually every alert you might receive – you’ll still hear alarms, get tactile touches. However, this does not affect Siri. So, as a last resort, if you’re somewhere quiet and Siri starts yelling at you, place your entire hand on the watch face. Cover your face with the palm of your hand and Siri will instantly close up.

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