MP3 saves a lot of space when compared to FLAC because of its modest file sizes. Meanwhile, MP3 is extremely popular and has global compatibility, allowing it to be played on virtually any device. With FLAC, the issue is slightly different. A default music player installed on a Mac, PC, or other device that supports playing FLAC files is uncommon. So, without further ado, you must understand how to convert FLAC to MP3. And we propose converting FLAC to a well-encoded MP3 at 320 kbps; this way, you receive an MP3 with about the same quality as FLAC but in a considerably smaller file size. We have mentioned steps below to Convert FLAC Files to MP3

Steps to Convert FLAC Files to MP3

Open VLC media player: Launch VLC, choose Media from the menu bar, and then click Convert / Save from the menu that appears. Import a FLAC file: When the Open Media box comes up, click the Add button, and select and import the FLAC file from your PC. Click Convert / Save from the bottom.

Select an output format: Another dialog box will appear when you select the Convert / Save button. Under the Settings section, make sure that the Convert option is selected, and then select Audio – MP3 as output format from the Profile drop-down list. Convert: After naming the file, click the Start button. The conversion progress will show up on the VLC media player. After the process finishes, close the application and check the destination folder which was selected earlier to get the desired audio converted with VLC FLAC to MP3 format.

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Convert FLAC Files to MP3. VLC is a well-known Media Player that can play video, audio, and music files. In addition, you may convert any audio file format to MP3. Most users are unaware that VLC may also be used as an audio converter. FLAC and other audio file formats can be readily converted to MP3. It can also quickly extract audio from video files and convert them to MP3 format.

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