However, you can turn that slow notebook into a useful Chromebook or that outdated desktop into a useful Chromebox by installing Google’s new Chrome OS Flex operating system. You won’t need to buy a new computer for your kids or even yourself, because these revived machines will be very effective in the most crucial functions – web browsing, streaming and editing information in the cloud. In December 2020, Google bought Neverware and ChromeOS Flex is the consequence. Flex is much more like the experience you’d get with a Chromebook or other ChromeOS device, whereas CloudReady was fine. This contains features such as the official Chrome browser, support for Family Link accounts, including those issued by educational institutions, and Phone Hub, which allows file sharing and connection to Android phones🇧🇷 You don’t have access to the Google Play store or any Android apps. We have mentioned below the steps to convert Mac or PC to Chromebook with ChromeOS Flex.

Steps to Convert Mac or PC to Chromebook with ChromeOS Flex

Create the Chrome OS Soft Install Drive

Step 1: open the chrome browser on your PC, not necessarily the computer you want to install Chrome OS Flex on. Step 2: Install the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension from the Chrome Web Store. Step 3: click on the Extensionsthen select Step 4: Slide the switch to the right to make sure the extension is turned on Step 5: Click on Extensions, and then Chromebook Recovery Utility to load the installer. Step 6: Click Get Started to start the installation. Step 7: Click in “Select a template from a list🇧🇷 Step 8: Choose “Google Chrome OS Flex” and “Chrome OS Flex” in the drop-down menus. Step 9: Insert your USB driveselect it from the drop-down menu and click Continue. Step 10: Click Create Now to download and write OS to USB drive🇧🇷 Make sure the correct drive is selected before clicking Continue. Step 11: When the installation is complete, click Ok to close the Chromebook Recovery Utility application. Step 12: Remove the USB drive from the computer.

Installing Chrome OS Flex

Step 1: Insert the USB drive into the laptop / Workspace that you want to install. Step 2: Call and select usb drive as your boot device🇧🇷 Each machine handles this a little differently, consult your machine’s manual. Step 3: Select your location and then click Start Install. Step 4: Connect to your Wi-Fi hotspot and click Next. Alternatively, plug in an Ethernet cable to automatically connect. Step 5: Accept Google’s terms of Service to continue. Step 6: Select who will be using Chrome OS Flex and click Next🇧🇷 Step 7: Enter your Google account details and click Next. This goes link this device to your google account, it will also trigger a series of security settings to verify device inclusion. This will differ depending on how your account has been set up. Step 8: Check or uncheck the box to allow Google to collect hardware data, so click accept And keep going. Step 9: Choose how Google Assistant will integrate with your device🇧🇷 Our device has no microphone or camera so we skip those screens. Step 10: Click Start to finish the installation.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to turn your Mac or PC into a Chromebook with ChromeOS Flex. While Google Chrome OS might not be ideal for demanding computing jobs or the latest blockbuster games, it does provide us with a reliable and affordable platform to work and study. We can even go a step further and stream games from Steam or the Xbox Cloud. The operating system used in Chrome devices, Chrome OS Flex, has just been published by Google. In its most basic form, Chrome OS Flex is just a tool for accessing Google’s cloud services and starting a Chrome browser session.

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