How to Convert PDF to JPG and Back on a Mac – Guide

Have you considered converting PDF files to JPG/JPEG format for easier viewing or better preservation on Mac OS X? Yes, this is a good idea. As we all know, we can open images on almost all platforms, which is not the case with PDF files. To open PDF files, you need to have a PDF reader installed. And the PDF file is not suitable for small screens and storage devices. Its large format and size make it difficult to open and view PDFs on your device. Here below, we are talking about how to convert PDF to JPG/JPEG on Mac. There are two methods.

How to Convert PDF to JPG and Back on a Mac

Convert PDF to Image Using Preview

Before turning this PDF into a JPG file, it’s a good idea to preview and edit it on your Mac. The most straightforward way is via Preview, a free Mac application that comes with macOS. It is an application that can open many types of files, but its most common use case is to open and lightly edit PDF files. Preview is also good for combining multiple PDFs into one file. This is useful when you need to convert PDF files to JPG Mac. To edit a PDF on Mac using Preview, simply open the Preview application, which is natively included on your Mac. You will first see a selection screen where you choose the file you want to open. This is very similar to your Finder app, showing your desktop and document folders. It’s very simple and straightforward, which is how the entire Preview app feels to users. You can tag documents upsign them, change their orientation, and many other things in Preview for Mac. You can also turn a PDF into a JPG file in the preview, but there are significant drawbacks. You have almost no control over the outcome. final, then the image quality may not be what you are looking for. Chances are if you’re curious how to change a pdf to a jpg on mac, you are worried about the image quality. For most, simply changing the file type will not be enough. This is especially true for text-heavy PDFs; you wouldn’t want to allow the result final become blurred and unreadable. When you are converting many PDFs into a single JPG, blindly trusting Preview will provide the best resolution is not what you want. Users will likely need to zoom in to see small print or details, and Preview may leave those fine-tuned details out. That’s when a standalone app is most useful – and you’ll find it more useful than you think, more often than you think.

Convert PDF to JPG on Mac

Above we told you how to convert PDF to JPG using the Preview app on your Mac. Like most main Mac apps, it solves a problem, but usually not that well. You technically convert the file type, but you have no control over the final results. It’s just not good enough. A better way is to use Permute. The app claims that it “can convert anything to anything (almost)”, and it’s not wrong. Permute is a video converter, audio converter, video to audio converter, image converter, video editing app and more. He really can turn (almost) anything into (almost) anything else! But we want to focus on the image conversion aspect of Permute. Its minimalist interface lets you easily add files and see a preview of what you’re adding as soon as you upload the file. No more memorizing filenames and picking them from a list, which can lead to far more mistakes than we’re willing to admit. Permute still lets you merge PDFs, just like Preview, but Permute takes it a step further with its preview options. You will see that the order files will be merged, always guaranteeing the desired results. You can also rearrange the order of files if you like, which is great for merging multiple documents into one viewable file. If you don’t want to merge your PDFs into a larger JPG file, Permute allows batch conversions, which means you can turn PDFs into individual JPGs without worrying about going through the motions each time. And if you were curious how to save PDF as JPEG, Permute is really the best way to do this; you can save any PDF as a JPG or JPEG file and choose where to save the file on your computer. When you’re trying to convert multiple files for multiple clients or unique use cases, it’s a real time saver to have Permute. Here it is how to use Permute to convert PDFs to JPGs, step by step: Once your file is converted, you can click on the small ‘spyglass’ icon in the lower right corner of the preview icon in Permute. This shows where the file is located in your Mac’s Finder, where you can manage its location if needed. This is another time-saving option, especially if you’ve lost files or just decided to change their location after converting them.

Save JPG as PDF on a Mac

when you need to know how to change a JPG to PDF on Mac, the workflow will sound strangely similar to doing the same thing as converting PDFs to JPGs. You can do this in the preview. All you have to do is open Preview, select a JPG file from your Mac, open ‘File’ and select ‘export to PDF’. That’s it; really simple but also not as good as you can make it! Prizmo is an application that lets you edit and convert JPG files on your Mac. As a simple editing tool, it’s one of the best on the market. It allows you to easily crop and resize images, adjust color and saturation, apply filters, and batch process images. Although Prizmo has a ton of great features for everyone, let’s focus on the ability to convert JPG files to PDFs. The app allows you to create a PDF from any JPG or JPEG file format with ease. Just follow these steps to how to change JPG to PDF:

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