How to convert Publisher file to PDF – Guide

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application from Microsoft, which differs from Microsoft Word in that it emphasizes page layout and design rather than text composition and proofing. Publisher is included in more advanced versions of Microsoft Office, reflecting Microsoft’s emphasis on the application as an easier-to-use and cheaper alternative to the “heavyweight” focused on the small business market, where companies lack design professionals. dedicated resources available to create marketing materials and other documentation. However, it has a relatively small share of the desktop publishing market, which is dominated by Adobe InDesign and formerly QuarkXPress. While most Microsoft Office applications adopted the Ribbon for their user interface starting with Microsoft Office 2007, Publisher kept its toolbar and did not adopt the Ribbon until Microsoft Office 2010.

What is Microsoft Publisher?

Microsoft Publisher is also vendor-supplied software that you can easily use, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. What sets Word apart from Publisher is the primary purpose for which they were designed. It is well known that Microsoft Word is produced to create documents that contain voluminous texts and transcripts. However, Publisher is a desktop publishing application used to design the page layout instead of storing text information. The specialized file format for Publisher is PUB. As Publisher has only a small share of the market indicated by InDesign and other applications, PUB is not as compatible as DOC and XLS. Also, as Publisher can only run on Windows PC, Mac users can hardly view the file in PUB format. Although this software is easy to use, it becomes troublesome to send PUB files to other people to check and print them. As mentioned above, it would be better if you convert PUB to some other formats that can be uploaded and viewed effortlessly. Since this software is used to design the page layout, the main requirement for the conversion is to maintain its organization and overall quality. That’s why PDF turns out to be the most appropriate destination format.

How to Convert editor to PDF offline

Like other programs produced by Microsoft, Publisher also comes with a built-in conversion tool. If you’ve ever converted a DOC file to PDF using Microsoft Word, you definitely know which function to use. There are basically two options you can choose to convert PUB to PDF, and when you click “File” button, you can find them. One is “Print” and the other is “Export”, both can do this for you, although the steps are different. Next tutorial will guide convert a Publisher file to PDF by printing it.

Steps to convert Publisher file to PDF by printing:

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