How to Copy Text From Pictures in Google Photos – Guide

Google Photos is the complete solution. Some users may have tried Google Lens feature on your smartphone earlier and now it has also been integrated into Google Photos. From now on, you no longer need to rely on third-party apps to copy text from an image. Google Lens is an AI-powered image recognition service that helps users search for images by text. This is useful in many situations. For example, if you have received an image of someone’s notes or documents and you want to copy it and save it in text form, Google Lens comes to the rescue. Thanks to Google Lens integration, you can scan any image from Google Photos and copy any text available on the image with one click. How Google Photos is available on both mobile and desktop devices, it’s imperative that we walk you through the process of both. Copy text from Google Photo image feature, first introduced on Android, made the leap to web browsers. This one feature lets you search for text in an image and then copy and paste the text to a different location. It works through Google Lens technology. Google Lens is a great feature that we enjoy in our phones for years. It allows us to harness the power of Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning to use our cameras and photos to learn more about our surroundings and the content of our images.

How to copy text from images in Google Photos

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