Valheim is an indie survival game in early access that is inspired by Viking culture. It’s an open-world survival and crafting game with PvE (player vs environment) mechanics in both single-player and co-op modes. It also has a punishing combat system, boss battles, and a cool building system that allows you to build imposing Viking warships. Then there’s Refined Eitr, which is a resource. This is a resource that is used to create Eitr-related crafting stations as well as new weapons and armour, including magical ones. We have mentioned below to Craft Dead Raiser in Valheim

Valheim: How to Craft Dead Raiser

The Dead Raiser is a magical skull that can summon a skeleton or two to assist you in battle. The resources are relatively easy to obtain, but you will need access to Eitr and the ability to refine it in order to craft this new weapon.

Bone Fragments can be found in Burial Chambers in the Black Forest, inside Swamp Crypts, and from Skeleton enemies. My Refined Eitr guide will assist you in obtaining the new Mistlands resource, and Skeleton Trophies are rare drops from skeletons. You’ll also need a Galdr Table, one of the new Mistlands crafting stations, which is covered in our Staff of Embers. You will lose 40% of your health whenever you summon a skeleton, so it is best to summon ahead of time rather than in the heat of battle, where you may take damage. You’ll also need the Eitr resource, which can be obtained by eating various new magical Valheim food.

Final Words

We hope like our article on How to Craft Dead Raiser in Valheim. Valheim Crafting is divided into two categories: handcrafting and workbench crafting. The first few items you’ll make in the game (such as the Stone Axe and Hammer) are Crafted from your inventory’s menu. It won’t be long before you’ll want to start Crafting more complex items, which will necessitate the use of Workbenches. Workbenches open up a new world of possibilities, such as more complex Weapons, Armor, and a variety of other useful Tools.

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