How to Create a Custom Show in PowerPoint – Guide

PowerPoint is a complete graphics package for presentations. It provides everything you need to create a professional looking presentation. PowerPoint provides tools for word processing, sketching, drawing, graphics, and presentation management, all of which are easy to use and learn. If you have a long PowerPoint presentation but only want to display a subset of the slides, you can create a custom show. This allows you to present a standalone mini slideshow or a link to a slideshow for specific parts of your presentation. Imagine this: you have a slideshow with 20 slides for the main topic, but with subtopics of five slides each. Instead of creating a new presentation for each subtopic, use the custom presentation feature to group them. Then present the slideshow you currently need or link individual slideshows to a specific audience. Custom slideshows, as the name implies, are user-customized slideshows. The purpose of a custom slide show is to show only selected slides from your presentation without excluding slides you don’t want to show. To understand a custom slideshow, think of your individual slides as songs, and a custom slideshow is a playlist of those songs! Even better, because it’s a playlist, you don’t need to delete slides you don’t use. Even better, you can create as many custom slideshows as you like from a single slideshow! Creating a custom PowerPoint presentation is a simple process. Also, you can arrange the slides in any order and edit the custom show as needed. Follow these steps to learn how to create a custom slide show in Microsoft PowerPoint.

How to create a custom presentation in powerpoint

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