Since then, many people have asked us about the direct download link and features. About a year ago and just a few months ago, Google Drive made some changes to the way it handles file sharing. There are some people who use Google Drive as a gateway to bigger files for their customers (like us), or sometimes you just want an easy way to send someone a file. You click on the Google Drive link and are greeted with it (right image). Firstly, it is very unprofessional from a business point of view that your customers need to be redirected to Google Drive from your side. It’s even worse when the file the client downloads isn’t even downloaded right away, but is first viewed by Google Drive. This causes additional confusion and an additional step to getting customers to have to find out just to get their file. I’m sorry, but I personally have a “keep it simple” mentality when it comes to my business. If I send a customer a link to your product, I expect the file to download and not view when they click that link. Second, from a personal perspective, being able to send a file and not having to worry about the recipient being able to find out how to downloading it is a big plus.

To get a direct download link, you first need to find a shareable link to that file from Google Drive.

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