How to Create a Google Docs Cover Page – Guide

The number of resumes, essays and business proposals sent out every day is staggering. If you need to present a document, you already know that competition is fierce. Your document will be one among countless other doppelgangers. Use Google Docs to make your document’s first impression beyond the first glance. High school through graduate courses require students to write essays and research papers. In addition to informative content, students must format research papers and other assignments according to specific work instructions and style guidelines. Google Docs offers a simple, hassle-free program to help you customize a professional-looking cover page. A cover or title page is the first page of an essay or research document. It provides identifying information about the document and author and helps make the task look more professional. A cover sheet also protects the document from smudges and smudges. Google Docs offers many features to customize a document — whether adding images or playing around with different fonts and styles. Creating your own cover letter takes some effort and an eye for creativity. Unfortunately, Google Docs doesn’t have a native method for adding borders. However, we have a nice solution.

How to Create a Google Docs Cover Page

Here are the steps to create a cover page using Google Docs:

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