How to create a private Venmo friends list – Guide

If you need to send money online, Venmo is a secure payment app to use on your mobile devices. It’s easy to link your accounts, for example B. Your debit card, credit card or other bank accounts. With Venmo, you can send and receive money directly from your iPhones and Android smartphones. To use Venmo, you can install the Venmo app for Android or iOS devices and start linking your account. There is a standard 3% fee for each transaction when using your credit card. However, Venmo waives fees when you send money via your bank account, Venmo wallet, or debit card. In addition to sending and receiving money from Venmo, the payment platform also acts as a social media network. You can view and add your friends to your Venmo account to easily share and split payments. When sending money to family or paying a friend, you can add an emoji to make it more meaningful and fun. While Venmo is convenient, there are potentially serious privacy issues that come with using the app. Venmo may primarily be a payments app; but it also wants to be a “social network”. Unfortunately, as with many social networks, this means user privacy is often a second thought. In addition, Venmo aggressively encourages users to link their Facebook profiles and their phone’s contacts during the setup process. While it makes it easy to send and receive money from friends and family, these friends lists are also public.

How to create a private Venmo friends list

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