How to Create an Event From a Gmail Message – Guide

Google has made it possible to add events to your calendar without breaking a sweat. With Gmail, you can add events to your Google calendar and get automatic reminders on your iPhone, Android, or desktop based on an incoming Gmail message that contains an event. Today let’s look how to use an incoming email message to generate a Google Calendar event. Select a preferred date and time to receive a notification. Observation; If the email includes a time or date, Google will use that date and time to set the event for you, unless customized to a preferred choice. Google uses the subject of the email to name the event. You can also customize the email to your liking. To define up a notification to remind you of the event. You can choose to receive event notifications via email or push notifications on your desktop. Select Create Event to open a Google Calendar screen. Google Calendar populates the event name with the subject line of the email and the description area with the content of the email.

How to Create a Google Calendar event from Gmail Message Desktop

To schedule an event from an email received:

How to Add Google Calendar Event Automatically from Gmail for iPhone and Android

When using a Google calendar on a smartphone: iPhone and Android, Google automatically reads and adds events to your Google Calendar based on an email received in your Gmail account. Google will automatically notify you when the event date and time expires. You can do this by enabling Gmail’s option to read and add events to your Google calendar.

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