How to Create Brochure on Google Docs – Guide

Here is the complete guide about how to make a brochure on Google Docs. Brochures are often created in Google Docs as well. It is a different template for all types of documents compared to MS Word. Just as we created a brochure for MS Word, we’ll do the same for Google Docs. With a few key differences and pattern changes, you’ll be able to create a reasonably good brochure for yourself. There are two ways to create a brochure. One is to work on an existing Google Docs template. The second way to make a brochure in Google Docs is to manually divide the page by a table or columns. Both ways to create a brochure are pretty straightforward. However, the template has more design, which makes the brochure very different from what you would create manually. Let’s say you have a smart head start in document creation and have the graphics you need. In this case, by adding the specified images and making the booklet better than a template, make the manual even better.

What is a brochure?

Brochures are informational documents that publicize your company, a specific event or an event organized by you. You use them to inform your current customers about company news or to attract potential partners. Google Docs can be a useful work tool that you can use to create different types of documents, including brochures. This includes using brochure templates to make something public or get your projects done quickly.

Steps for creating a brochure using Google Docs are provided below:

Using a Google Docs Template

Using a Google Docs Table

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