How to Create, Modify and Share Apple Watch Face – Guide

While Apple does not yet allow you to create fully customized watch faces, watchOS 7 offers some improvements in this regard, as well as improvements related to available watch faces, as well as unique modifications that can be made to customize these watch faces to your tastes. The actual creative process hasn’t changed much in watchOS 7. Users can continue to create or customize directly on the Apple Watch or an iPhone already connected to the smartwatch. As with previous versions of watchOS, watchOS 7 allows you to customize the various details by selecting them on the screen. One specific change introduced in watchOS 7 is this. this is no longer achieved by long-pressing and pressing the screen – a simpler long-press mechanism is enough to get the job done. Apple has distanced itself from the so-called Force Touch in watchOS 7. In edit mode, you can now select the watch face you want or create a completely new one by swiping to the final existing watch faces. Depending on the available options that a watch face offers, colors can be changed or additional functions can be selected accordingly.

How to share a watch face from your Apple Watch

You can share a watch face directly from your Apple Watch without having to touch your iPhone. Just remember that you need to have an Apple Watch that is running watchOS 7 or later.

How to share a watch face from your iPhone

If you don’t want to share on Apple Watch, you can always share your favorite watch face on the Watch app on iPhone.

How to use a shared watch face

Once you’ve received an Apple Watch face via email, message, or another app, you’ll need to add the watch face to your collection.

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