How to Create Multiple Inboxes in Gmail – Guide

Email in Web 1.0 was boring. You only have one inbox with everything together. But over the years, Gmail has changed the way we look at email. an extremely useful feature what originally started out as an experiment and ended up becoming popular are multiple inboxes. As the name suggests, you can have more than one inbox on the same page. But how does it work and how do you make them? How to create multiple inboxes in Gmail. Multiple inboxes is one feature where you can specify a specific search string and all emails that match that search criteria will have their own dedicated inbox. This can be especially useful if you need to separate emails with specific keywords or want emails from a specific tag to stand out more. When you do this, the five custom sections are displayed. You don’t need to use all five if you don’t need them. Start with the first one and enter the search query you want to show emails from that inbox. To get the search query, search the emails in Gmail and copy the URL.

Disable Gmail’s Tab System

If you’re using Gmail’s auto-tab system, you’ll need to turn it off for multiple inboxes to work. To do this, log in to your Gmail account, click on the gear icon and select Configure Inbox. In the next window, uncheck the Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums options and click Save.

Enable multiple inboxes

After disabling the tab system, go back to Settings and select the Labs tab. Scroll down to Multiple Inboxes and check Enable Radial button. scroll to final page and click Save Changes. Your inbox will refill and you’ll see that Gmail has starred your messages and your drafts in their own panels and stacked them on top of your main inbox. Now you’ll want to customize your new inboxes and what you want to receive in each of them.

Configure your new inboxes

Select the gear icon again – it will be further down the page above your main inbox – to go back to Settings. Select the new Multiple Inboxes tab. Under the heading Current searches for the various inboxes, you’ll see that you can configure five additional panels. You’ll need to define what you want to appear in each inbox by creating a search query for it. For example, you can place specific organizational labels on your own dashboards by typing is:label-name in each search query field (Note: use hyphens in place of spaces between words). With your extra inboxes set up, you’ll need to tell Gmail how you want them to appear. First, set the message display limit for each inbox by typing a number in the Maximum page size field. Then choose where you want to place the new panels – above, below, or to the right of your main inbox. Don’t forget to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

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