How to Create Word Cloud in PowerPoint – Guide

A word cloud is an image of a group of words in different sizes, colors and orientations. The more a word appears in the source text, the larger – and therefore more important – the word appears. You can use them as images in your presentation, but there are technical applications as well. For example, if you are a business editor or copywriter, you can create a word cloud to see which terms are overused or to ensure that the focus is not too broad. You can even use it as an SEO tool. In this article, I’ll show you an add-in that creates word clouds in PowerPoint, but you can copy these images anywhere. To install this add-in, open PowerPoint. On the Insert tab, click the My Add-ins drop-down list to make sure you don’t already have this product and simply don’t know about it. Otherwise, click Get Add-ons in the Add-ons group to open the Microsoft Store. In the search function (top left), type Pro Word Cloud. It must be the first item in the resulting list. Click Add, agree to the Terms of Use, click Continue and wait a moment for the system to install the add-in. At this point, it should be noted that this add-in is freeware, which means it is free, but there is usually an option to donate to the author. Freeware can contain bloatware and even more malicious files. If your system or application suddenly slows down or starts working after installing freeware, please uninstall it. This may or may not help, but try. Microsoft Store products must be secure.

How to Create Word Cloud in PowerPoint

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