More over half of those people regularly visit YouTube. It would be wonderful if they looked at your stuff while they were there, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, setting up a YouTube account is simple. It takes a little more effort to launch a profitable YouTube channel.

Steps to Create YouTube Channel

It’s time to establish a channel once your Google account is set up and you are logged in. The user icon for you is on the top right. Click it. This is a representation of both your Google and YouTube accounts (as YouTube is owned by Google). When a drop-down menu appears, select “Settings” from it. We’ll start with the fundamental details about your channel. From your channel dashboard, click “Customize channel.” You’ll notice three tabs: “Layout,” “Branding,” and “Basic info.” These three tabs will help you optimize your channel for viewers. Here, you may add some basic details about your channel, such as the language your videos are in, as well as a description to make it easier for people to find you when they search for the kinds of films you have available. These keywords may relate to your channel’s topic, the issues it addresses, the individuals and goods highlighted, your industry, and more. When browsing video content on YouTube, profile pictures assist users in recognizing the video’s creator. On the play page, this image will be displayed below YouTube videos as shown below. YouTube suggests using a photo that is at least 98 pixels wide by 98 pixels high. From this point, you can define specifics about how you want your content to be displayed on your channel’s page. You can choose to highlight a certain video and set up special sections on your channel page. Just getting started is channel discovery optimization. You should optimize your videos for search once you start posting them so that users can find them.

Final Words

We hope Like our article on how to Create YouTube Channel. A video’s creation is only half the battle. To make them available to your audience, you also need a venue to post them. Knowing how to create a YouTube channel is crucial to getting started on your journey because YouTube is the most widely used video hosting platform.

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