You’ve just captured the ideal Instagram Reels video, which is certain to go viral. However, you discover the aspect ratio is landscape rather than portrait when you attempt to post it. Instagram continues to automatically clip your video to fit, but the most interesting part has been removed! You could save that significant video content if you knew how to crop a video on your own. Or perhaps you have another flawless video with just a small flaw in the corner ruining the entire thing. An example of this would be when you were filming your baby’s first steps and later realized that all of your underwear was drying on a hanger above his head. We have mentioned steps below to Crop Video on Windows 11.

Ways to Crop Video on Windows 11

Use the built-in Video Editor

VLC Media Player

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Crop Video on Windows 11. Video cropping is necessary in everyday life. Different situations may arise. For instance, you might wish to concentrate a video clip without having to reshoot it by adjusting the edge or removing the black bars from it. To publish your film on any social platform, you want to instantly alter the video aspect ratio to a landscape, vertical, or square dimension. Alternately, you might relish selecting a portrait size and fitting the video inside your iPhone’s frame.

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