How to customize Galaxy smartphone with Good Lock – Guide

Google’s Android operating system is all about customizing and personalizing the smartphone user experience. It’s the open source nature of Google mobile operating system that makes it possible to have hundreds of iterations of the standard Android operating system. Among the various custom skins available on the market, Samsung’s OneUI is one of the most sophisticated and feature- Rich Android skins. Meet Samsung’s Goodlook – an app that not only lets you customize the way your Galaxy smartphone looks on the screen, but also changes the way you use the lock screen and notifications. For users who want to customize the look and feel of their smartphones, here is a walkthrough of some of Good Lock’s keys. features. OneUI offers a hidden gem that takes Samsung’s UI customization to the next level. It is the lesser-known and free “Good Lock” tool to download from the Samsung Galaxy Store. The app is full of useful tweaks and offers tons of customization. features to keep you busy all day. Unlike a typical theme store, Good Lock allows you to customize almost every aspect of the UI of Samsung devices, including quick settings panel, task switcher, multiple windows, etc. There is a separate module for each UI element downloaded from the Galaxy Store.

Task Changer lets you switch to a card-based overview menu

Task Changer is a powerful utility that changes the appearance of the last menu screen. If you miss the older map style layout or prefer iOS task switcher, you can use Task Changer to switch things up. There are six styles to choose from – Stack is the default, then there’s a List, Grid, Carousel, Slim List and Vertical Stack mode, which mimics the card layout of previous Android versions. There is also an option to choose a blur effect for the background and switch to previous apps when using navigation gestures. If you’re not a fan of the current overview menu and would like to switch back to a map layout, Task Changer is ideal for your needs.

QuickStar brings colorful effects to notification shade

Bored of the white and blue notification screen layout? QuickStar lets you change the appearance of the panel, with eight predefined colors to choose from. You can choose a custom color scheme, which gives you much more flexibility to change the visual appearance of the notification panel. There is also an option to choose which status bar icons are displayed. So if you don’t like the 4G or VoLTE icons you see, you can turn them off here. One nifty setting is the ability to toggle the clock to the left side of the status bar. If you like changing the look of the notification panel, there’s a lot to like about QuickStar.

Theme Park is the theme engine you’ve been waiting for

As the name suggests, Theme Park allows you to create a new theme. You start by choosing an image to use as your background, then choose a default color for UI elements, an accent color, and icon colors and labels. Basically, it makes it easy to create a new theme based on a background, and the granular controls make it a lot more fun to customize the interface to suit your tastes.

Add new clock faces to lock screen with Clockface

Clockface lets you choose from a decent selection of watch faces to add to the Always On Display if your phone is running an AMOLED screen. Otherwise, you can choose lock screen displays. You get 12 options and, like everything related to Good Lock, you can customize the look of your watch faces.

NavStar works if you set system mode to old navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen instead of navigation gestures. The module basically allows you to change the appearance of navigation buttons with eight different styles to choose from. There are some quirky options in the list, including a food-themed navigation key layout that includes a slice of cheese for the back buttonbolo for home button, and pizza for the current menu. If you have not yet switched to navigation gestures and want to change the appearance of navigation keys, NavStar is the feature for you.

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