The number of devices, scenarios, and rooms in the user homes it would grow and become difficult to maintain very quickly. This has now been resolved in iOS 16 with a new Home application created exclusively to manage large clusters of devices. The Rooms section has been eliminated and everything related to managing the accessories in your home can now be found on Home page. With iOS 16, Apple will release a significant overhaul for HomeKit Home application. The options to modify as your smart home devices, rooms and favorites displayed on the screen have been greatly improved with the new Home application. We have mentioned below the steps to customize Home app on iOS 16.

Steps to customize Home app on iOS 16

Customizing Home Application

Step 1: When you launch the Home application for the first time, Home Display appears. Also, you can go there by tapping the Home symbol at the bottom of the menu bar. Step 2: all your HomeKit homede controllable gadgets are displayed in Home View in order of Rooms and Favorites. Step 3: groups for scenes and cameras are also present here. Now they can be rearranged to better match device usage.

Rearrange the sections of Home To view

Step 1: open the Home application on your iPhone. Step 2: in order of open the menuyou will have to select the three points located in the upper right corner of your iPhone screen. Step 3: After accessing the Menu, you can to start choosing how to rearrange the sections based on your taste. Step 4: For the best organize the sectionsRooms and Groups, including Favorites, Cameras and Scenes, are all displayed in the Home To view🇧🇷 Step 5: Select and drag the three horizontal lines located next to a room or group to move the selected section in the Home To view. Step 6: Touch Done to finish customizing your Home To view

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to customize Home app on iOS 16. You can rearrange your Home view so that your most frequently used rooms are displayed first using the customize option, or you can choose to have your favorites or camera feeds appear first when you launch the app. For example, how can you organize apps on an iPhone home screen, you can also rearrange the individual buttons for each of your devices, including lights, locks and shades.

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