Thank goodness Apple makes it easy and simple to install new keyboards and languages ​​on new iPhones. To choose your chosen keyboard, simply go to your iOS keyboard settings and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the new keyboard is added, you can switch between languages ​​without switching keyboards as the keyboard will do it for you when the two most frequently used languages ​​are selected. Your iPhone or iPad recognizes when you press a text field that you need to enter something and automatically places the regular QWERTY keyboard at the bottom of the screen. When you need to start typing, it’s a convenient and fast method. We have mentioned below the steps to change keyboard on iPhone.

Steps to Change Keyboard on iPhone

Add Keyboard on iPhone

Step 1: Throw Definitions from you Home screen. Step 2: Tap the Generally button🇧🇷 Step 3: Swipe up to scroll down the menu. Step 4: tap on Keyboard🇧🇷 Step 5: Tap the keyboards button🇧🇷 Step 6: tap on add new keyboard Step 7: Slide up to scroll the list of options Step 8: Tap the keyboard you want to select.

Change keyboard on iPhone

Step 1: Open Definitions🇧🇷 Step 2: Touch Generally🇧🇷 Step 3: Touch Keyboard🇧🇷 Step 4: Below that, tap keyboards🇧🇷 Step 5: Then tap add new keyboard🇧🇷 Step 6: now play To edit at the top right corner. Step 7: Using the three linesdrag the keyboard you want to make the default to the top🇧🇷 Step 8: The default keyboard was changed🇧🇷

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to change keyboard on iPhone. Apple offers iPhone users a variety of personalization features such as emojis, stickers and animoji on the iPhone keyboard. With its new operating system, iOS 16, which is currently undergoing iOS 16 Developer and iOS 16 Public beta testing, Apple is adding more tools to customize the iPhone. After the beta testing phase, Apple will officially release the brand new iOS16, at which point you can enjoy a variety of customization options for your iPhone’s keyboard and lock screen.

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